BIMAIO: Best Kept Spanish Skincare Secret  



Hola! Greetings from Spain!

What first comes to your mind about Spain? Flamenco dance? Majestic Andalusian horses? Gaudi architectural sites? Yes, these are all known Spanish cultural and historical treasures.

But what about hidden treasures? There are quite a few but let us first start with the skincare category. Wait you must be thinking… aren't most European skincare products from France or Italy? Well, taking care of women especially looking after their face, body and skin is not the privilege of any nations.

So, what is one of the hidden treasures of the Spaniards?

A Spanish skin care brand, namely BIMAIO (pronounced as B-My-O).

What's so special about it?

BIMAIO was founded in Granada, a city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region, yes, the same region where Flamenco originated. The city is known as the “Moorish Jewel” due to its grand medieval architecture dating back to the Moorish occupation, and is visited by tourists all over the world. It is in this beautiful city that BIMAIO was born over 35 years ago.

Unlike conventional cosmetic brands who tend to cover all segments of customers and all types of skin, BIMAIO adopts the concept of “Active” in its products. In general, “Active” refers to the method using the ingredients in a product to directly and specifically address whatever skin concerns it’s meant to target. With this said, BIMAIO addresses the needs of women who are troubled by different factors like environmental influences such as pollution and UV; problematic skin types like pimples, spots, fine lines and wrinkles, or oil and aging problems.     

BIMAIO offers a highly curated range of active ingredients.

What are active ingredients? And what are they for?

An “Active” is the chemical and molecule in a product addressing whatever skin concern it's meant to target. All of the active ingredients are supported by data as they have been proven in pharmaceutical laboratories by research to transform the skin with lasting results.

BIMAIO is a great fan of “Active” and this means our products function in ways that guarantee maximal effectiveness as well as efficiency.

Active ingredients that are adopted by BIMAIO include hyaluronic acid that lock in moisture, lycopene that helps to prevent aging, kojic dipalmitate active that prevents hyperpigmentation, to name just a few. Never heard of them before? Not surprising as these are chemical or biological terms that are mainly used in science.

We are very happy and excited to announce that BIMAIO, one of the hidden treasures of Spain has decided to establish a presence in Asia. We are coming to Hong Kong SAR and China. Browse our products on our e-Commerce website, in whatever device that is handy to you (mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly), and have these products delivered within a few clicks-easy!

We hope you enjoy our initial introduction of the brand BIMAIO, "B-My-O". Stay tuned as we share with you more information in our next post. Adios and see you very soon! 


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