Protect Your Skin from Hong Kong's Environmental Pollution with BIMAIO


Hola! Feliz ano nuevo! Sofia here! I hope your 2020 is off to a great start!

Not to put a downer on the start of this fresh year but today BIMAIO would like to discuss how your environment, especially in Hong Kong SAR and Southern China can affect your skin and why it's crucial to protect it.

In the morning before heading out, some of us will glance at the weather and sometimes the UV index and Air Quality Index as well. What's the point? Just to make sure that you have put on the right outfit? No, it's not just about being fashionable.

Pollution issues in Hong Kong SAR and in Southern China are very real. Hence, precautionary measures should be taken for protection. You may recall that from time to time, the weather observatory issues warnings if the UV or the Air Quality Health Indexes reaches a high-risk level that can have detrimental effects to health.  

Good to know, but what has this got to do with beauty? Well, skin is the biggest organ of the body! This means that our faces are often at high risks due to the exposure to different kinds of pollutants. Don't worry – at BIMAIO, we offer effective solutions with products specifically shielding your skin from environmental aggressors. 


As you know, BIMAIO adopts the concept of “Active” in its product. This simply means we use active ingredients such as chemicals or molecules in products that contributes to the effective result promised by the product and enjoyed by the users.

Active ingredients are widely supported by scientific knowledge and research. BIMAIO is here to help address skin problems affecting numerous women all around the world. 


In addition to the active ingredients, BIMAIO also understands the unique characteristics and needs of Asian women. Here's how BIMAIO adopts our products to the environment and climate in Asia:

  1. Unlike their Western counterparts, women in Asia mostly prefer to shield themselves from the sun. They favor fair skin and are not keen on getting a tan or the so-called “Sunkissed Glow”! This is where BIMAIO's Bright & White line comes in.

    This daily protective products are aimed to protect your skin from UV and sun spots all year round. Although we mostly have our sunny days during the summers in Hong Kong, solar exposure can be accumulated all year round and has negative effects on our skins, even after sunset. 

    Active ingredients used in this product line include Rosehip Oil, Kojic Dipalmitate and Tranexamic Acid. The combination of these “actives” not only protects your skin from UV but also provides moisturizing, antioxidizing and restorative functions. Never go out without putting on your Bright & White Face cream!

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  3. What about the defense from the air pollution that's prevalent in the South China region? Our skins are exposed to several unhealthy substances every day but we have your back and can help defend your skin from. air pollution that’s prevalent in the South China region and Hong Kong SAR.

    • BIMAIO's Intensive Whitening Serum will come to yourrescue. This serum uses a high concentration of different active ingredients to deliver a whitening effect. Substances include Vitamin A, concentrated blend of five botanical extracts including blueberries, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon and a few other molecules. 

      Use this serum every night for one month on pigmented areas of your face and voila! - a glowing skin with a radiant complexion.

  4. Have you heard of an ampoule? It is a small sealed vial that contains a very high concentration of active ingredients.

    Our signature product for this line - OX Defense Ampoule, not only defends the skin from UV and pollution, but also offers restoration features such as anti-wrinkle and provides brightness to the skin. Active ingredients include Vitamin C and other molecules. A quick fix to feed and shield your skin and to carry around in your purse!

The BIMAIO product range contains lots of hidden treasures. Find out which products would be best for you by taking our skincare quiz and uncover the tailored beauty routine just for your skin! 


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