Bright & White Serum Intensive Whitening

Our anti-stain serum contains sun filters and a high concentration of ingredients such as botanical extracts from orange and lemon.

  • Deep penetration to deliver active ingredients into your skin.
  • Protects your skin from external environmental factors.

Start by applying a warm moist cloth or towel on your face to open up your pores.

  • Apply small dots of serum all over your face and then blend lightly by gently tapping with the tip of your fingers.
  • The tapping action encourages the serum to sink fully into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Once your serum has penetrated (your face should be dry) you can move into moisturizing and applying your make-up routine.

Leading Ingredients

  • Kojic Dipalmitate: Promotes skin metabolism, and quickly eliminates already formed melanin pigment. Actively prevents melasma, age spots, chloasma, stretch marks, freckles and other pigmentation.
  • Myrtillus Fruit Extract: Fortifies the skin against signs of redness and boost skin’s environmental defenses in the presence of UVA light.

Also made with

  • Vitamin A, MultifruitTM: concentrated blend of five botanical extracts including blueberry, sugarcane, Maple sugar, orange and lemon, Sun Filters, Ectoin, Boerhavia Diffusa, Morus Alba Root extract, licorice extract , avocado oil.

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