BIMAIO Basics 

Nutritive & Reaffirming cream

Our firming neck and decolletage treatment repairs and firms the appearance of sagging skin by restoring suppleness delivering an instant and lasting firming effect.

  • Generates visible lifting and firming effects.
  • Enhances neck and jawline contour.
  • Paraben free.

Apply once a day (morning or night) to neck and decolletage area.

  • Gently massage downwards with light movements from the chin to the décolletage to foster the firming action.

Leading Ingredients: 

  • Soluble Organic Silicon: Promotes collagen and skin cell regeneration as well as contains anti-aging benefits.
  • Extinction of Echinacea: Prevents and fights acne, treat inflammation, and diminish wrinkles.

Also made with: 
Extract Of Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Extract Of Ginseng, Avocado Oil, Corn Oil, Bisabolol

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